Last week I wrote about your Why and how understanding what that is can help you make decisions and move forward on the path you are taking. Today I am writing about another topic that can help provide guidance as you work through decisions, obstacles and challenges.

Your Values

We all get busy with competing priorities. We are running from one place to another with little time to take a deep breath let alone get in a workout or healthy meal.

How do you choose where your time goes every day? Are you making deliberate choices based on your values or are you moving through each day in a rut that is stressing you out?

In 2015 when I was working in a corporate technology position, I felt like I was just going through the motions. My day was no longer bringing me enjoyment or challenge. My values were not being met.

So I decided to make a change that better aligned with what is important to me. It took time to work through a number of exercises and iterations to figure it out, but I did.

Making my health was a priority. I wanted to figure out how to make this a part of my life instead of something I did when I had time. I learned the importance of the nutrition piece of the puzzle for sustained change.

This became so important to me that I also chose it as my career. I want to help others work through the challenges that keep them from a healthy lifestyle. If that is something that they value.

I have an exercise to review a 100 different values to help provide clarity on what is important to  you. This is also something that you can do on your own.

If you Google ‘List of Values’ you’ll find a number websites or even images with a ton of values listed. You can use this as a guide and you don’t have to use all of them.

Think of them in 3-5 categories such as:

  • Most Important to Me
  • Very Important to Me
  • Important to Me
  • Somewhat Important to Me
  • Not Important to Me

You can use a spreadsheet, document, journal or whatever works for you to categorize your list of values.

What did you learn from this exercise?

Was anything surprising to you?

Now think about the activities that make up your day.

Are those activities that you do day in and day out aligned with the values that are Most Important to You?

Why or why not?

Not everyone has the luxury of adjusting their daily schedule with the snap of a finger. This exercise is intended to be a thought exercise to help you put into perspective what’s important to you and what’s taking up your time.

If you want to change your fitness and nutrition routines, you need to evaluate how they fit into your current view of your calendar and lifestyle.

As a health coach, guiding clients through these types exercises is what I do to help bring clarity to your decision making around fitness and nutrition.

Please contact me if you’d like to talk through your values and your challenges so you can move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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