If you won the lottery and made it big, who would be part of your “Squad”?

Collectively, do they embody the values and priorities you have?

If you want to build a healthy lifestyle, a lean body and good nutritional habits…you’ll need positive people to help you get there.

The people we associate with have powerful influences over us.  Make that work in your favor.

Let’s explore ways to get others on board with health, fitness, and nutrition.  This will require some conversations.  Some honest and difficult.  Others inspiring and exciting.

At the end this experiment you’ll feel better equipped with the Squad you need to reach your goals.

This may take some vigilance and persistence to build the dream team!

How to get started:

  • Decide what YOU need.  Figure out exactly what you need to be successful. Have conversations with open and honest communication rather than finger-pointing and blame.
  • Be patient.  Negotiation takes time so you’ll need creative solutions that allow everyone to win.  Understand that YOU might have to make some concessions too.
  • Buddy up.  One is the loneliest number.
  • Focus on what you can control.  You can’t control other people.  You’re in charge of your actions and attitudes.  We ironically relinquish this control in favor of controlling others.


You can’t get rid of these people!  Here are a few ways to help move your family toward your fit and healthy Squad.

Involve the kids in shopping and meal prep They get to pick their favorite healthy foods. Kids are more likely to eat things they prepare.  Meal time might be more frustrating initially, but it’s a great time to connect.

Improving food acceptance, or the desire to try new things, is easier if people have a hand in preparation. Remember, it’s an experiment so you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like.

Eat as a family.  Actually dine.  Sit down, relax, and have a conversation.

Modify, don’t eliminate.  Every family has favorites.  Instead of scrapping them, think of 1-2 steps that would minimally change the meal yet make it healthier.  Continue on this track and get really good at each step!  You might create resistance if you change too much too quickly.  Ask what people are willing to try.

Schedule activity time.  Ask your loved ones to take part in a hike or adventure at the playground, or walking the dog.  Pre-planned, elaborate activities not required.

Try the Healthy-Happy rule.  If you want something that makes you happy (ice cream), then precede that with a choice that makes you healthy (veggies and hummus).

Keep nutritious foods accessible. Make non-nutritious foods inaccessible (or absent).  Kids will not like this at first, but over time they will adapt.

Friends and Co-workers

Find someone who will take a short walk with you during lunch or a break.

Schedule a monthly dinner party where friends can rotate cooking healthy dishes.

Create opportunities to get together that involve activity.  Drinking and overeating are often social activities.  Break the norm and find those who are willing to engage in alternative gatherings.

Whatever you choose, look for opportunities to add to your Squad.  These were just a few to get you started!

Building your fit and healthy Squad is a critical step to ensuring long-term success.

Please reach out to us if you’d like help forming your Squad.

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