Opening Day!!!

This is one of my favorite days of the year here in Cincinnati.

The 2017 roster is set (for now anyway) and the events of the big day are ready to kickoff it all off.

Each year I remain hopeful for a great season and ultimately that trip to the World Series.

A girl can dream can’t she?!?!

What actually happens is beyond my control, but as a 20-game season ticket member I just enjoy the season and the experience at each game.

I realize that not everyone is a sports fan, but hear me out.

As you begin to transform on your nutrition and fitness journey, could you start seeing yourself as an athlete? As a healthy person? Or as a fit person?

How do you want to see yourself as you progress through change?

When you can start to see where you want to go, it’s a lot easier to set the goals to help get yourself there.

Consider tailoring your goals to fit your ‘seasons’ and enjoy going through that season to meet those goals.

As an example we are moving into baseball season which aligns with Spring and Summer.


Take advantage of the these seasons as you select your food choices.

Visit farmer’s markets and indulge in the home-grown fruits and veggies available in your area.

Pull out the grill and fix lean proteins to go along with those fresh veggies.

Look for recipes that include seasonal items and share them with the family.


The weather tends to be better as we head into summer.

Find activities that you can do with family and friends outside that you couldn’t do during the winter season.

Make it a fun day out by packing a healthy lunch or snacks to take with you.

Experiment with new activities you’ve never tried to see if it can be added to your program.

The exercise or activities you choose to do should be the ones you will do and that you will enjoy.

It’s much more difficult to keep motivation going on a regular basis if you hate the activities or exercise you have in your program.

Changing the way you think about fitness and nutrition opens the opportunity to enjoy the season in a new, healthier way.

Next season, swap your food choices and activities to align with Fall and Winter.

Let us know how we can help you change with the seasons!

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