Coaches need coaches. I can attest to that.

I have personal coaches at the gym who can help me reach my fitness goals.

I have nutrition coaches in both Coach Ryan (Team PeakFAST) and ProCoach (Team Precision Nutrition) who help me with my nutrition goals.

I have a coach thru Precision Nutrition as I work toward the Level 2 certification as a coach.

They all provide different perspectives, challenge with questions and offer support as I work to change these areas of my life.

I’m also learning to be my own coach.

As you make change, you need to experiment with different exercises, foods, ideas, etc. to gather data and to learn things.

Building skills to do this more frequently and with less effort can build momentum and energize you to keep moving forward.

We will refer to experimenting, awareness, body scans, learning, etc. many times throughout our programs and our content.

It is important for us to be experts on ourselves and find our superpowers (more on that another time!).

This will allow us to focus on what we do well and to do more of it.

Traditionally you may have been asked: What are your weaknesses or your opportunities?

And then you were expected to put your focus there to develop those things.

With Precision Nutrition and our coaching programs, we flip it and focus on the positive.

A reframe that inspires motivation and energy instead of frustration and irritation.

Learn what works for YOU and do more of that as often as possible.

One of my nutrition exercises this week was an experiment where I was to track three things throughout an entire day every two hours.  Then take the information gathered and play the role of coach to assess what that data means for me.

In ProCoach (Team Precision Nutrition) this lesson covered two days, but I’ll summarize the experiment in full below.

Here are the steps to setup your experiment:

  • Setup an alarm to go off every two hours. I used my cell phone since that is always close by.
  • Have a way to record the information easily no matter where you are when the alarm goes off. Some people prefer to do this electronically and some on paper. Use what’s easiest for you.
  • At the start of the day, rate the quality of your sleep the night before on a scale from 1 – 10.
  • Capture a 1 – 10 rating for these three areas each time the alarm goes off throughout the day:
    • Energy level
    • Calm and focus
    • Mood

In addition to the rating, I also noted anything that may have attributed to the rating that I listed for that check in.

That’s what you do for the day.

The following day you put your coaching hat on. What does the data show you? What could you do as a result of this new information?

For me, I identified things that energized me and improved my mood. My plan will be to do more of those things.

I also noticed that if my energy level was low that I needed to get up and get moving so that I got the blood flowing again.

Another day the ratings might be very different, but I’ll have information that I can use to make decisions going forward.

Try this out on a couple different days in your schedule. Maybe a busy day, a fun day, and a travel day if that’s part of your routine.

Again, the purpose is to gain insight into what helps you (and what doesn’t help you) achieve the goals that you set in fitness and nutrition, but also in general.

Learn more about you and your superpowers! Please let us know how we can help.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!

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