On Monday, I asked you to think about several questions.

Today I want to elaborate on the idea of what it means for you to be at your best.

There are lots of ways to be smart and capable and to feel “at your best”.

The more you know about your learning needs, the smarter you will feel…and be…as a fitness and nutrition ninja in training.

Every person is a unique collection of talents, aptitudes, and abilities.

We call them superpowers.

It’s hard to pick out your superpowers without a clear sense of what kind of superhero you are.  Yellow tights aren’t for everyone.

What situations do you feel “in the zone”? We call this flow.

  • When do you lose track of time and are immersed in the moment
  • Feel an appropriate level of challenge where performance and/or learning feel easy
  • You feel energized and aware
  • There is harmony of your whole self – mind, body, spirit

What is occurring in these:

  • Activities
  • Conditions
  • Environments
  • What talents, skills, or capabilities are you using?

Check out this handy guide from Precision Nutrition and identify your top 2 superpowers.

Superpowers PDF

I remember the first time Coach Ryan asked me to do this exercise.

I thought he was crazy. I don’t have superpowers.

But as I continued to learn and to get better with both my fitness and nutrition goals I realized that I was using my superpowers.

All of the things I am good at were put to use, but in a different way than in the past.

That’s pretty exciting!

Focus on the good and figure out ways to put that into your fitness and nutrition journey.

Have a little fun while doing these things…it makes it a lot easier to tackle every day.

Let us know if you want help identifying YOUR superpowers.

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