Life is a constant state of change.

For some, change is an opportunity to embrace the new and get rid of the old. They thrive on navigating what the changes for them.

Others not so much. Change is frustrating and stressful. They prefer the consistency of the old.

We can increase our knowledge through learning. But what about our skills, such as becoming a concert pianist?

Do you believe those skills can be learned or that they ate innate and hereditary?

Surprisingly, scientists have found that almost anything can be learned, with the right mindset. Even that dreadful algebra class from high school.

Your mindset shapes your beliefs and views about yourself.

Your mindset predicts whether you’ll have success.

Those with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with few innate gifts and the rest they’ll never develop. Have you every caught yourself saying ‘I’m not creative/artistic/athletic!?’

Those with a growth mindset believe they can learn most things and continue to develop new skills throughout life.

Growth and development are possible with the growth mindset.

Those with a fixed mindset seek approval, 

while those with a growth mindset seek development.

Our approval does not matter; your peers’ and family’s opinions don’t either. All that matters is your opinion and that you improve through all the difficulties.

Your mindset affects your behaviors.

Developing a growth mindset presents a great opportunity to reach out to others for support, to talk about your faults and mistakes, and to make viable, concrete plans for achieving your goals.

Does having a fixed mindset mean you are doomed?

Certainly not, it’s a choice just like having a growth mindset is and you can change any time.

So on this first day of May, remember that our challenges are feedback, not failure.

Look back and figure out what you can learn from the challenges and take that forward as you continue to get one step better.

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