Yesterday I stopped in a new eatery that was offering a free lunch. Who doesn’t love a free lunch?!

They open officially on Friday, but offered free vouchers for both lunch and dinner a couple of days before they opened.

It is called CoreLife Eatery (Florence, KY) and focuses on fresh, healthy ingredients made right in front of you.

They had a ton of team members available throughout the restaurant to answer questions and guide people through the lines. Others were cleaning tables and making sure everything was tidy.

It was packed. Remember…a FREE lunch!

I ordered a Spicy Ginger Steak and Rice Noodle broth bowl. Steak, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, almonds, ginger and rice noodles in a rich beef broth. It was very good.

But what I realized waiting in line and walking through the maze of people…they were executing an experiment.

They were offering free food so that they could see how well they are prepared for the opening later in the week.

They had cheat sheets at the various stations so they knew how to make each of the selections. A test to make sure the sheets were effective.

They were carefully measuring and working through the process of creating each individual dish.

They were moving people along pretty quickly, the food looked fresh and people looked to be enjoying the food.

I’m sure things weren’t perfect, BUT they had real data that they could use to improve areas where there were challenges.  An experiment in action.

They wanted to see how things would flow once they were open and paying customers were ready to enjoy their food.

It’s funny how once you become aware of something, it’s hard not to stop being aware. As I both practice and coach these lessons…I find them everywhere!

Experimenting is a great way to give something a try…without risk.

Learn from it and decide how to proceed.

Somethings will work. Others will not.

Put yourself out there…

….try a new activity.

….try a new food…a different veggie or another lean protein.

…try a different daily routine that may help create a positive behavior.

Life is full of mystery…get out there and put your experiment into action!

We love working with clients that want to get out of the same old routine. Please let us know how we can help!

P.S…here is a link to the CoreLife Eatery Facebook page if you’re interested.

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