When you’re grocery shopping to eat healthy…what should you do?

Shop the perimeter. Buy whole foods…lean proteins, fruits, veggies, smart carbs, and healthy fats.

Skip the processed foods pumped with sugar, salt and any number of ingredients you cannot pronounce.

What do you do when you go the grocery store?

Do you have old habits that kick in and take over? Or are you aware of everything that gets put into your cart?

I don’t normally do the grocery shopping. I make the list and my better half goes to the store for us.

However, the last two times I did do the grocery shopping.

For the most part, my habits kicked in…picked up my typical fruits and veggies, some lean proteins, etc.

As a coach, we encourage clients to experiment with new foods.

Try a new fruit or veggie to expand your options.

Use a recipe with a new protein and some spices.

I stopped myself to break the habit of my normal groceries. I wanted to experiment a bit myself.

With the first trip I decided to pick two new options to try.

I went with Ezekiel bread and Halo Top ice cream. Both suggestions we’ve discussed in our nutrition coaching group.

I don’t eat bread a lot at home, but a sprouted grain version was an interesting option for when I do. And I actually love it! It gets nice and crunchy when toasted.


Ice cream is something I like, but it isn’t a red-light food for me. I can eat a small portion and put it away. I still wanted to try this option that is lower in sugar and higher in protein.

It was okay, but I’ll stick to my Greater’s!


Today when I went to the store it wasn’t very busy at all. I could walk around and take a look at a couple of options for this trip.

I kept thinking about ‘eating the rainbow’ and making sure that I had a variety of colors in our food choices.

So I picked up some golden beets. I’m not a huge fan of beets, but I’ve heard these are a little less bitter than the red/purple ones. We’ll give them a try.

The other option I decided to try this trip were steel cut oats. I know summer is quickly approaching and oatmeal isn’t really a summer breakfast, but I wanted to give this a try.

They look very different from the rolled oats I am used to buying. I intend to make them the same way so that I can compare and contrast.

My new habit…pick 2, any 2. Every time I go to the store or prepare a list for the store, we will try 2 new items to continue to expand our food options.

If 2 isn’t a good number for you…just shoot to try one new, healthy food item.

Do you want more shopping tips? Please reach out and let us know how we can help.

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