Happy Friday!

It’s been a hectic, but productive week. Luckily I have a lot of fresh, healthy food here so that I have great options to keep me moving along.

I was experimenting with a new kitchen tool this week and it got me thinking.

On Friday, as we head into the weekend, I will begin sharing food ideas to provide another option or two for you and your family to experiment with.

Today we are going to spice it up!

Next time you go to the store, check out the lean protein that is on sale that week. Buy enough that you can cook up in bulk.

Let’s say we have pork or chicken. Slow cook it in a crock pot so that it is so tender you can shred it with fork. You can add a little salt and pepper or wait until you divide it up for meals.

Now that you have a bulk portion of pork or chicken, you can separate it into different meals and use spices or sauces to create a number of different meals.

As an example, tacos are a regular meal at home for us. We use a ton of cilantro and it’s kind of a pain to pull the leaves off of the stems. My new kitchen tool is an herb stripper that helps do this much faster and easier!!!

Fresh cilantro and a great homemade taco seasoning recipe we now use helps kick up any protein you want use for your tacos. It also eliminates anything ‘extra’ that comes in a taco seasoning packet. See recipe below if you’re interested.

Another new area for me is Indian flavors using turmeric, cumin, coriander, nutmeg and ginger.

Spices can add a number of flavor profiles to your meals based on your family’s tastes and preferences.

Experiment with the protein and the spices to figure out what works for your family.

You can use the bulk protein in a number of different dishes:

  • soups
  • pasta dishes
  • sandwiches such as BBQ or chicken salad
  • stir fry dishes
  • add rice and veggies

I’m including a couple of spice infographics to help get you started. You can also find others if you want something more specific. Google is my friend!

Cooking in bulk and then creating several different meals can help you save some time to enjoy other activities over the weekend.

Interested in learning more about protein and how it fits into a healthy lifestyle? Reach out and let us know.



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