Do you over-process things? In what areas of your life?

Normally I don’t. I just do what need to do and move forward.

However, things are a bit different for me this week. I find I am coaching myself through this new territory using the information I’ve learned this past year.

I was offered a last minute opportunity to head to Florida this week for several days in the sun and sand.

Making the decision to go was pretty straight-forward. Low cost trip for some much needed R&R!

But ever since I decided to go, I’ve been overthinking everything and trying to do it all before I leave.

The list seems to get longer instead of shorter…

    • bills
    • scheduling appointments
    • phone calls
    • email
    • laundry
    • packing
    • client reviews
    • PN lessons

Instead of just working through my list methodically with emphasis on only the critical items, I kept piling it on to a point of inactivity.

I had to refocus and begin doing instead of thinking about the list.

I am now packed and ready to go with the most important items checked off the list. The rest can and will wait until I return.

With the abundance of information out there about fitness and nutrition…are you one that may over-process to the point where there is no progress at all?

    • Which exercise is best for me?
    • What if I can’t do that?
    • Am I doing this move correctly?
    • Are fruits bad for me because of the sugar?
    • Should I eat protein? How much?
    • How much water should I be drinking?

When you start looking for answers, you find too much information and sometimes even worse…conflicting information.

What do you do to work through this inactivity so you can get to the goals you are trying to accomplish?

Just do it! (Remember Nike?) Whatever it is…give it a try. 

There is no perfect exercise plan or nutrition plan.

Find something you enjoy and go for it. Invite a friend.

Use equipment that is available to you. There are tons of options with just your body weight.

Learn something new to keep you moving…dancing, bowling, hiking…whatever gets you energized.

Buy a new fruit or vegetable every week to broaden your options.

As you try new foods and new activities…learn to do more of what is going well and less of what is not.

Experiment with options in both areas to find what works for you and your goals.

The key is ‘to do’ and not just ‘to think’ about doing.

We all need coaching…sometimes we need to be our own coach. We help clients learn how to do that.

Let us know if we can help you stop thinking and start doing!

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