Friday food fun continues!

Today I wanted to share an idea with you that’s very easy and can be made in a ton of different ways to meet your family needs.

We used to do this years ago when we spent a weekend on a houseboat down at Lake Cumberland.

We all chipped in and bought food to share over the weekend. We had a stove, but the grill was a much better option given how many people were being fed and that the houseboat had pretty tight quarters inside…it was already warm enough in there.

Foil packet meals are a great option because of the numerous ways to create the meal.

They also align very well with Precision Nutrition friendly meals!

Start with the lean protein you want as the basis of the meal. Select veggies that compliment the protein and that you enjoy. Add spice, seasonings or sauces to pump it up.

Wrap it all in foil and cook it on the grill. Make sure the protein is cooked through and the veggies are to the tenderness you prefer.

Super simple…and very little to cleanup. Also helpful on a houseboat.

Check out the link below for some options to help get you started!

I mentioned a week or so ago that we were trying a couple of new food items when we go to the grocery store.

With our last trip…one was a success, one not so much.

For breakfast last week, I made the steel cut oats just like I would make the rolled oats. I add a little vanilla, flax seed, protein powder and fresh fruit. I liked it just as much.

Next time, I would cook it a little longer than I did this first time. They definitely take longer than the rolled oats so cooking in bulk may help with time.

I made enough for four portions and reheated them over the weekend. Just as good!

I also bought golden beets to see if they were different from red/purple beets and if we could add this to our veggie list. That would be no.

We still don’t like beets, but we gave it a shot.

As we talk about all the time…experiment and figure out what works for you!

Let us know how we can help get you started!


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