So I am getting back to it after almost a week in Florida. Last minute, much needed trip with sun, sand and relaxation!!!

Do you remember our lesson on the 3 Ss: Structure, Systems and Scheduling?

I had a great (and unplanned) experiment with this lesson while I was gone and upon my return.


  • Structure – those things we have around us to ensure we get things done.
  • Systems – those are the processes and practices we have in place to get things done.
  • Schedules – the time we have set to make sure we get things done.

As your mindset shifts to that of a ‘fit’ person, your vacation plans may be slightly altered to accommodate your new habits.

(Or if you prefer, go all out for vacation and get back at it when you return!)

We chose to prepare for our vacation and to align our habits with what we do at home.

Since we stayed in a condo, we could prepare our own meals. As a compromise, we decided to cook breakfast and lunch at home (structure) and then enjoy dinner out before catching the gorgeous Florida sunsets.

We set time (schedule) as soon as we arrived to go the store. We made solid food choices to have on hand at the condo. Fruits, veggies and nuts to snack on instead of sweets. We did buy one, small bag of baked ships to share.

We ate a PN-friendly breakfast first thing to start the day off right. For pool days, we headed back to the condo for lunch, and for beach days we packed our lunch (systems).

This plan helped us enjoy our dinners out and then enjoy our dessert. 🙂

There is an awesome ice cream shop that makes ice cream for your tastes. It uses the nitrogen process and it is INCREDIBLE!

We visited the shop twice, BUT we split the portion over two nights so we actually enjoyed the ice cream four times.

We hit the condo gym one day and walked on the beach a couple of days. One day we hit a five-mile walk!

I also wrote last week’s posts and had them scheduled to go out. Another great system in place for me!

We leveraged the concept of the 3 Ss throughout our trip to enjoy the vacation, but to also maintain our habits. Not to be perfect, but to be a bit better than it could have been without planning.

We all had a great time!

And now that I am back, I see the benefits of what I’ve built at home for my work and for me personally.

I have my days scheduled to get my lessons and writing done and get back to my personal fitness routine (gym and yoga scheduled).

I have my healthy foods in the house so that I can get back to eating my PN-friendly meals day one.

Stepping away from my day-to-day was part of my ‘have fun’ habit and allowed me time to refresh and relax. I feel great and happy about the choices over vacation.

Now I’m back and ready to dive right back into where I left off with more energy and excitement.

This is a lesson that may seem daunting at first. How do I put all of this into place to be successful with my goals?

The answer: one small step at time.

Think about what’s around you. How can you make one small change to set you up for success???

Let us know how we can help you with your 3 Ss.

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