So I have superpowers on the brain this week…for a couple of different reasons.

For one, we went to see Wonder Woman last night. It was very well done and lived up to the hype. I recommend it…especially to those of you raising girls and young women.

Coach Ryan and I have been working on some things the last couple of weeks. When we get to talking and mapping things out, it brings to light ideas and thoughts when you least expect it.

I never really stated it like this, but I am a change agent. It’s one of my superpowers.

When I was in the corporate world, I was fortunate enough to lead a number of large, complex projects. We were making changes to increase revenue, reduce expenses, consolidate processes, etc.

I was responsible for figuring out how to put all of the moving parts into the right place to get to that end result.

Much of my time was spent coaching others to help them work through their own part of the project.

When I first decided to go down the nutrition coaching path, I wasn’t sure I was qualified to coach others.

But here I am one year later with a better understanding of how my strengths translate in my new world.

All of the experience I had working on those projects and with so many different people can be leveraged, just on a smaller scale.

I work with clients who want to make lifestyle changes so that they can eat, live and move better.

Change can be difficult and takes time. Guiding clients through this process is where I can provide value.

We identify the challenge and then begin to problem solve. Working together to figure out how to best resolve the issue for them.

Your superpowers reveal themselves when you need them. Rely on your superpowers as you work through change in your life.

We all have them. They may not always be in the forefront of our thoughts, but they are there and can serve a significant purpose as we work toward are goals!

So…if you’re in a need of a change agent…let me know what we are trying to solve and I’d be happy to help.


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