Think Positively.

How many times have you heard or read this phrase over the years?

Do you buy it? The power of positivity? Positive thoughts bring other positive things to your life.

I do. I’ve always tried to be the glass half full kind of gal. It goes to that spectrum…there could always be something worse going on or happening in life.

Find the positive in a given situation.

It rains while you’re on a beach vacation. You are still on vacation. Make the most of it. Spend time playing games or just talking to your family.

On January 1st, I began my 5-minute gratitude journal. It has helped me continue to develop positive thoughts on a daily basis.

There are days where I note that there isn’t anything I needed to make that a better day. It allows me to enjoy my accomplishments as well as everything I have to be grateful for.

I treat this as a skill that I need to work on to keep it top of my mind. I can choose to be positive or negative. I don’t want to live a life of negativity. It is depressing and very demotivating.

I chose to end my marriage and change my career because of negativity. A daily focus on all that was ‘bad’ instead of all of that was good around us was stifling and unbearable.

I am happy most days because I am grateful for what I have in my life. These are the things I chose to surround myself with to lead me to that happy life. (Goes back to Monday’s post!)

Sometimes we get so busy and so stressed that we forget that we have choices and can be positive despite circumstances. But it does take practice.

We talk about mindset shifts a lot in our coaching. For some clients, the mental side of the change process is more challenging than the physical side of things.

Helping clients find the positive habits and behaviors that they are doing makes me happy. I enjoy bringing out the positive in them so that they realize that they are doing the right things to help them get to their goals.

That leads to more good things. And sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing those new, good things until they say it out loud.

Once we get to talking about what’s been going on, they share the new activities they are doing, the new foods they are trying, the new habit they are experimenting with or the new non-scale victory that they noticed.

We need to focus on these positives and continue to build more from there.

Yes there may be some not-so-positive habits in the works as well. Anything critical to a client moving forward should be discussed and options reviewed. But for the most part, give them less attention for now.

Stay focused on the positive and watch how they begin to change down the road.

Are you ready to think positively? Please reach out and let us know how we can help.

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