What does moderation mean to you?

It means something different to each of us. So when we are coaching clients about moderation, it’s important to clarify what this means for the situation being discussed so that we are on the same page.

Reality is…we are going to indulge. That’s part of life. Enjoying time with family and friends where food and drinks are a part of the event. And many times the star of the event.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes these activities that make you happy.

But when you are on a journey to improve your health and to eat better, moderation is an area to clarify and to manage. Learning how to moderate the activities is where you can find great benefit. It takes practice and it takes consistency for the long haul.

Going out for beer and wings with your buddies or wine and cheese with the ladies may be a part of your life. But how often means moderation to you?

Moderation could mean you go out 2-3 times a week, a month or a year. That’s a big difference when it comes to what you consume that isn’t supporting your goals.

When you look at what you eat, be honest with yourself. Check in and identify the areas where you can build better habits.

If you love potato chips and eat them for lunch, how can you switch that up a couple days during the week to include a vegetable or fruit instead? Start with even one day a week and build the new habit from there.

Do you have a drink in the evening to unwind and relax after a day at work? Do you have multiple drinks? How can you break that habit and build a new one that helps move you toward your goals. Start with one day a week without the drink and build from there.

Despite what you hear in the media…there is no magic bullet. I repeat…there is no magic bullet.

We each need to learn how to make the changes that work for us and lead us to our goals. No one else can do that for us.

Moderation will be different for each of us. Some can eat more liberally and maintain their goals. Others will have to be more disciplined to stay on track.

It starts with awareness of what we are doing on a daily basis and why are we doing it.

Understanding why we do what we do will help us uncover the areas where we can begin to make small changes and to see progress.

A few small changes done consistently can help get the ball rolling for you.

As you enjoy the weekend and think about where you are headed…think about moderation and what does that mean to you? Is it helping you get to your goals?

Enjoy the weekend!

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