The other day I wrote about each of us being unique and that we can become more aware of what’s around us with some practice. The information we learn will help us move toward our goals.

A very close family friend shared her story on Instagram the other day. It caught my attention for a number of reasons, but I really wanted to understand her process.

What did I learn when I reached out to her? She decided it was time for her to make a lifestyle change.

As a new coach, I’m always curious to understand the how. What I found out was that she followed many of the same concepts we use as we help clients through their lifestyle change.

Her why.

This is something personal that I don’t feel the need to share. But she had strong connection to her why that helped her keep going. She faced injuries, illness, surgery and a number of other changes.

She lived life while still changing her lifestyle to better her health and wellness.

Her squad.

She had a supportive husband and family. She had a team of coaches and trainers. And she had God. That was her team who provided strength when she needed it and motivation when she didn’t have it.

Her activities.

She found the activities (exercise) that she loved. No she didn’t want to do it all of the time, but the fact that she chose something she enjoyed helped keep her driven to continue even on the tough days.

Yes she lost weight…almost 60 pounds. But that was second to the confidence and strength she gained by starting this journey. She is strong and healthy.

Her plan now is to share her story with others and help them realize that they can do it too.

These are the kinds of stories we want to build out of what we are doing at PeakFAST. We want to work with clients to identify their why, build their squad and find the activities that they enjoy doing.

When you are ready to begin your story…please reach out. Let us know how we can help you get started.


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