Do you have an all-or-nothing mindset?

If you are running a bit late do skip a workout all together?

If you eat one cookie do you eat the rest of the box because you trashed your diet?

If you make a mistake do you feel like a complete failure?

With our clients we try to shift an all-or-nothing mindset over to the idea that choices fall across a spectrum or continuum. You have two extremes on either end, but a ton of options in between.

The objective is to focus on the best option for you at that time and in a given situation.

Instead of skipping a workout because you are late, show up and shorten a warm-up or your first set of exercises…but still do it. Or do something else like a walk, run or bike ride at home.

One cookie isn’t going to make or break anything. Enjoy a cookie (or even two) and get back at it the next day.

Mistakes are learning opportunities. What can you gain from it to help you move forward?

I can go on and on with many fitness and nutrition concepts that can be applied to a spectrum like this.

Think about your goals or the habits you are practicing. How do they look on a worst to best spectrum?

What option are you choosing today?

How can you get a little bit better tomorrow?

An all-or-nothing mindset can be defeating and demotivating especially when you are trying to get things started. Take it slow at the beginning and make the best choice you can.

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