Yesterday I touched on the first part of a nutrition label. Today we focus on the ingredients and some tips to consider.

Look for items with fewer ingredients…10 or less is suggested. You want to be able to pronounce and know what those ingredients are when you buy the product.

Ingredients - Positive

Good ingredient list

Ingredients - Negative

Not-so-good ingredient list

Work to avoid products with ingredients that fall on the Dirty Dozen list.

As you shop for your groceries, focus on real, unprocessed foods. Use labels as guidelines for the processed food items you do purchase.

But don’t obsess. The numbers are not a perfect science. That includes what’s on the label and how your body processes that food item. When comparing two items, choose the better option for you at that time.

Work each day to get a little bit better with your food choices and to move toward lean proteins, veggies, fruits, smart carbs and healthy fats.

Let us know if you are ready to get started!!!

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