Today’s Habit is #7 – drink zero calorie beverages.

☕️🥛🍺🍷🍹💧What’s your favorite drink? ☕️🥛🍺🍷🍹💧

Just like we need to be aware of what we eat, we need to be aware of what we drink.

In that morning coffee…what do you put in it that’s adding calories, sugar, etc.???

Or are you the soft drink guzzler?

What about alcohol…rare occasions or daily?

These can add up and fight you against your goals. Think about what you’re drinking and how you can begin to modify with the addition of more water throughout the day.

Buy a fancy water bottle (I have several!!!) or add some fruit to give some flavor as you are learning to drink more of it.


On Friday for 10 weeks, I will be introducing one of our top 10 habits. We work with clients to develop these habits slowly so that they work into their lifestyle. We all have different occupations, family situations, stressors, obligations, etc.

These habits are GUIDELINES that you adapt to fit your needs as you begin to develop them and incorporate them into your daily life.

I decided to go from #10 and count down to #1. Fitness and nutrition changes are tough enough, and then throw on all of the conflicting information and it’s even worse.

We try to cut through the noise and simplify the changes that can have the most impact.

I didn’t say it was easy to implement, but they are simple concepts to understand. We can help apply them to YOUR situation.

Check out for more fitness and nutrition information!

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