What a gorgeous morning! Great weather to get a 6-mile run in to start the day. It’s going to be an awesome weekend ahead!

When I’m running it’s a great time to think and to reflect on things from the past week or what I have coming up this week.

Last night at dinner I was with a couple of friends I knew and a few that I did not. It seems that the conversation regarding exercise and nutrition comes up a lot while eating out. Go figure?!

As a coach I sit back and listen and answer questions if and when asked. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s evening by preaching what we do. But that is VERY difficult.

So I choose to lead by example and make good meal choices. I eat slowly and stop when I’m full.

I want to help build awareness and to change the mindset about lifestyle changes. Not everyone wants that pushed down their throats at dinner before a movie on a Friday night…so I listen.

Most of the conversation revolved around trying to find classes that they enjoy and feel are beneficial for them. Love that! Movement is awesome and enjoying what you choose to do will be a huge advantage…especially on the days where motivation is low or obstacles stand in your way.

But there is also talk about wanting to lose weight. However, no mention of the steps being taken to improve what they are eating or how they are living.

Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately for the majority of us we also need to look at nutrition and specifically our habits around living healthy. Of course that is if your goal is to live healthy as a lifestyle. If you don’t, then finding classes you like might be enough for you.

It just feels like there is still a disconnect with losing weight. I continue to look for ways every day to work on that disconnect to help people understand the change that is need to get to those goals.

It’s in situations like this where I find true value in what I do and what we do at Peak.

We help facilitate change for people who are willing to be coached and who want to reach their goals. People who are ready for action and not just dinner conversation.

Maybe you aren’t active with Peak right now (but you should be!!!), but the emails help provide some guidance and insight into what we do and what you can do.

Maybe the variety in our emails help put the bigger picture together for you and your taking action on your own.

Maybe you are an existing client in our current challenge actively practicing new habits and learning new things for the long term.

Regardless…we are here to help and want to help you figure out what change looks like for you and your goals.

When ready…reach out! Today…enjoy the gorgeous weather.

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