These days I spend a lot of time reading, listening and watching various things to learn more about nutrition and fitness. I want to be the best coach I can be so to that I can help others get to where they want to be.

But this morning…I had more of a personal reflection that I wanted to share. We are currently running a challenge with 17 individuals who want to make nutrition and/or fitness changes in there lives. We share lessons, habits, recipes, info etc. as a group as they go through the challenge. A 7-week challenge is not long enough to learn and to practice the changes that are needed. It is just the start. And this challenge has provided a great start for them.

Later this month I hit my two-year mark with Peak. I remember hobbling in with a sore back talking to Coach Ryan about the changes I wanted to make. They were things like lose weight and feel better. Along the way, I learned it went way deeper than that. As I sit here and eat my breakfast I realize how far I’ve come and the deeper meaning of the changes I made.

I went through a similar challenge that introduced me to these new habits and thoughts on food. I was in a growth mindset so I tried things that I didn’t normally do. I learned the habits so that they worked for me at the time. They have since evolved even more because this is a lifestyle choice that truly never ends.

This would be considered a Peak friendly meal…lean protein, veggies, smart carb and healthy fat. Did I eat this for breakfast 2 years ago? No. The thought of this many veggies at breakfast didn’t even cross my mind. Potatoes maybe. Spinach, tomato, peppers and onions not so much.

I needed a great meal this morning. We had a Reds game last night and food options weren’t the best. I felt terrible last night and still this morning. After a tough workout, I was ready to eat a good meal so that I felt better. My body tells me what it needs. Most of the time I listen and I feel great.

What’s my point? People can change when they put their mind to it.

Figure out what your deeper meaning for changing your behaviors. Start small, be willing to experiment, learn to wipe the slate clean when things don’t go as plannedĀ and let things evolve.

You too will realize 2 years later…wow…look how far I’ve come!!!

Our challenges are a great way to kick start the process. Will you join us on our next one?

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