Some days all you can do is take five.

My week began with a death in the family. Not unexpected, but still a sad time.

I’m finding that the older I get the funerals tend to hit me harder and put me into a funk. Not the best way to get things going for the week.

I took care of my critical tasks that morning and then started to veg out on the coach. I didn’t like that feeling so I tried to figure out one 5-minute action I could take to help me move forward.

I had a plan to take down a bed in our second bedroom to convert that over to my office. I need a little more separation from home and work to keep that balance going strong on both sides.

Since I am selling the bed I decided to start there. I’ll take it down and get it ready for them to pick it up this week.

Well then I had the table and chairs (a cute little pub table set) that I was going to use in the new office space. So I started to lug that upstairs.

I did give in and left the table for my better half to get upstairs. I am stronger, but sometimes you have to set your limits. 🙂 This was one of mine.

The room needed to be dusted and vacuumed so I did that. Then the curtains were taken down and thrown in the washer.

I decided I liked the windows without the curtains because it allowed for more natural light in the room. So I began a search for new valances. A whole new look was quickly taking shape.

We’d been talking about shelves for the office space for awhile, but didn’t take any action yet. I researched what we needed and made my list for IKEA.

$79 to ship it or drive up there to West Chester. We decided it would be best to drive up there when it wasn’t as busy. Good choice…I was up and back within 90 minutes.

Now we have what we need to finish up the new office, and we’ll be good to go with organizing our games and books with the new shelves.

I love having my office up here to separate what I do from where I live. I am available for clients to meet their schedules. That’s a priority for me as a client-centered coach.

But I also need to shut down and not be working 24/7…even though I could easily do that. I love what I do.

Balance is important. This new setup will add to my systems and schedule so that I am more effective with my use of time.

I’ll also get more steps when I want to grab something to eat!!!

All of this took place over the last three days because I started with that one 5-minute action to help me deal with my grief.  Things tend to gain momentum once you get started.

Even when you don’t feel like doing it…do it. It’s a much better option than sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips or bowl of ice cream.

You’ll be amazed when you look back to see what’s taken shape for you!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about a 5-minute action. It’s the first, most basic habit to develop. And you’ll come back to it many, many times once you’ve mastered it.

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