Why Peak? (part 3 of 5)


Physical activity was not part of my daily life prior to joining Peak. I went through cycles where I was more active, but never consistent. I wanted that consistency and drive to be active…for the long term.

We have an active social calendar that keeps us busy, and I wanted the endurance improvements to go whenever and wherever we wanted.

Coach Ryan and Coach Ben provide the full training package. We have programs that serve a purpose and change so that we never get bored with a program.

They provide in class guidance so that we do the exercises correctly and avoid injury. They worked with me almost a year to modify things to account for a shoulder injury.

All of this was done FOR me. All I had to do was show up and do the work. That’s extremely valuable to me. I wanted an overall program that allowed me to get to my goals without spending countless hours in the gym, on a treadmill or in a cardio class.

I love being in there, but I also love the rest of my life too!

It has allowed me to get strong and lean. I am in the best shape ever, and I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

And now I’m training for a half marathon! That wasn’t in the plan when I started, but your path changes as you learn more about what you are truly capable of.

I could go on and on about the training…it has had that big of an impact.

If you’re ready to get started and change your life…please reach out. I’d love to talk more about it.

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