Nutrition ~ Learning How to Eat

Similar to many people…I knew when I started Peak the basics of nutrition. Some meats are leaner and better for us than others. Veggies and fruits are better for us than cake and ice cream. And that certain drinks can rack up calories by the 100s very easily.

What I never had was guidance to learn new skills and how to eat. Early on I participated in a couple of the Transformation Challenges that introduced me to the lessons and habits that I would eventually practice and adopt.

There was nothing I ‘couldn’t’ eat or drink. I wasn’t told what to eat. I learned how to eat the things that I enjoyed that followed a simple guideline to putting together a well-rounded meal.

I still enjoy my favorites: pizza, Mexican food…and beer!

I learned how to eat well most of the time and enjoy the rest
of the time. I can dial it up when needed and dial it back if I have to.

Because I choose to eat real, unprocessed foods most of the time…I don’t count calories or macros and I don’t have to
track everything.

I’ve taken control over the food I eat so it is my choice every time I eat or drink anything.

It’s been fun to experiment and try new things. Some of been winners…others have not. It all gets chalked up to learning and information to use going forward.

Best of all…it helped me get to where I am now.

The new experiment is in preparing for the half marathon. How do we carb load prior to our long runs. Working on that now means more carbs than I’m used to eating, but I feel better after the long runs.

It’s proof again that we eat to nourish our bodies. Eating the right foods helps!

Let us know when you’re ready to learn more and begin experimenting yourself!!!


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