School is back in session. What does that mean? A more structured routine.

The carefree summer months are now past us and it’s time to get back to learning.

What does that mean for you and your fitness and nutrition goals?

Were you a person who leveraged the summer excuse to allow your goals to go by the wayside?

Are you ready to get back at it just like the kids?

Today we are going to revisit one of the best lessons to help keep things in check.

The 3 Ss: Structure, Systems and Schedule.

To recap:

  • Structure – those things we have around us to ensure we get things done.
  • Systems – those are the processes and practices we have in place to get things done.
  • Schedules – the time we have set to make sure we get things done.

Sound familiar? Helpful?

You’re not always going to be motivated or inspired to focus on these goals.

Motivation comes and goes. Some days, it won’t even make an appearance.

Typically, action usually comes before motivation and that desired mental state.

For instance, last week I woke up late…about 5 minutes from the time I normally leave. I could have stayed in bed and pretended I missed it all together. Instead, I quickly got ready and made it before class started. I didn’t even brush my hair, but I took action to get there.

After a quick warmup I started to wake up and clear out the mental cobwebs.

I started to feel the energy as we got into the workout. The fuzz is gone and I felt a whole lot better having shown up.

What happened? I acted first.

Here are some examples to get your 3 Ss setup and working for you this Fall.


  • Have a daily or weekly routine that helps you stay organized.
  • Look for a gym that is convenient, maybe on your way home from work.
  • Make sure your kitchen is full of healthy food.

Ask yourself:

What needs to be around me in order to achieve my goals?

Then build those structures.


Acronym for: Save Yourself Time, Energy, Money, and Stress.

  • Sunday or morning meal preparation.
  • Starting your workout with a mobility routine that prepares you to move comfortably and effectively.
  • Keeping a gym bag or emergency food kit in your car to be prepared for worst case scenarios at all times.

Ask yourself:

What needs to happen for me to be effective?

What processes and practices need to be in place?

Then create and do those things.


You don’t just wait for the morning when you feel like going to the dentist. You book an appointment

You can’t wait until inspiration strikes you to hit the gym or prepare food.

Make it a priority, put it into your calendar, and stick to it.

Ask yourself:

Do I have time set aside to support my fitness and nutrition goals?

Book your fitness and nutrition just like you book any other appointment.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.Vince Lombardi

Let us know how we can help you build your structure, systems and schedule for success this Fall.

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