Throughout my corporate career I was asked many times about role models. Who would you like to emulate as you develop and grow?

I would look for the things in people that I admired and did more of that. At the same time, I looked at the things that were not admirable and stayed away from them.

There is value in learning from others. What works and why. What doesn’t work and why.

Having a growth mindset allows us the opportunity to try new things and see how they work for us. Some will work and some won’t, but we’ll know more information and can figure out a next best step.

Yesterday I headed up to the softball fields to watch my dad and his team play a couple of games. This is a 65+ league that plays in the area every year about this time.

I go to see my dad, but I also go to see one of my role models. He found an activity that he loves to do and has done my entire life…and even longer.

He enjoys competing, hanging with the team and cracking jokes with the guys. He still very much likes to win too. Several times I could tell by his body language he was irritated with the play in the outfield.

At this age, many walk with a bit of limp or aren’t very fast around the bases. They miss a catch that they would have made years earlier. But they still get out there and do what they can.

The first game was pretty evenly matched and then won. The second game was against a lower division team so they had to spot 5 runs to start. The first few innings were tough with not so hot pitching and poor play in the outfield.

Dad was brought in to pitch in the 4th or 5th inning to stop the runs from scoring. But by the top of the 7th they were down 16-7. They had to score to keep things moving. Well they did just that. Hit after hit fell into the gap and they ended up 18-16 going in to the bottom of the 7th.

Bottom of the 7th was scoreless pitching by dad for the win. Proud daughter moment for sure!!! (And a better game than many of Reds’ games this year!!!)

A few years ago he was having a lot of trouble with his knee. He chose to have a knee replacement during the off season so he could get back at it. He never missed a game and continues to play several times a week and travels on weekends for tournaments.

I hope to be doing the things I love to do at 70 years old. That’s why I do what I do now…so that I increase my chances.

When you think about nutrition and fitness…who are some of your role models? What do they do that you’d like to be doing?

How can you become a role model? For yourself. For your kids.

Small actions starting TODAY can help you get there. Let me know how I can help get you started. I’d love to learn more about what you want to be doing at 70 years old!!!

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