I am enjoying great content in my certification program, podcasts and industry Facebook groups the past couple weeks. I try to takeaway at least one little nugget to take forward in my coaching practice or for myself personally.

Dr. John Berardi (co-founder of Precision Nutrition) noted a distinction in a podcast that has provided greater clarity in what I do as a coach. And also aligns with the lessons I’m learning in the PN course.

When I first meet with a client I want to understand what brought them to us. What is their ‘why’ for beginning a new fitness and nutrition journey?

Initial responses may include…

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to wear smaller clothes
  • I want to be fit or toned
  • I want to be healthy
  • I want to look better in pictures, bathing suit, etc.

We then dig deeper using the 5 Whys exercise to find other, more meaningful reasons to keep people engaged throughout the change process.

  • I want to be stronger so I can do X, Y or Z.
  • I want to stay off medications as I get older.
  • I want to avoid diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • I want to play with my grandkids.
  • I want to stay active so I can keep up with my kids.

There are many, many reasons to want to become a person who is fit. Right?

You may even find yourself in that category, yes?

So the next question to be asked is…do you want to LEARN how to be fit that fit person?

This is where the client hits the brakes.

Who wants to take the time to practice the skills that lead to healthier behaviors and ultimately different outcomes than in the past?

This requires change. Change is difficult for many people. And it takes time…often more time than we think or want to admit it will take.

The extra pounds and less-than-ideal habits didn’t happen overnight, or even in 30, 60 or 90 days. For many this has been years in the making.

So why would it make sense then that you could dramatically change things now in that shortened time frame?

Sure there are things that can be done in shorter time frames with positive results if you’re willing to make significant changes immediately and stick to the the food restrictions and exercise protocol each and every day until the goal is hit.

But what did you learn about living a healthy, fit lifestyle?

How will you maintain it going forward?

My job is to overcome this challenge with my clients. To break down the change process into small, actionable steps so that the change process isn’t as challenging as one may think it will be.

Does this approach take time?  Yes, because we are coaching for long-term changes that are driven by you that fit your lifestyle.

Does this approach require you to try new things and to figure out what works the best for you? Yes. We don’t tell you what to eat with a laid out meal plan. We want you to eat the healthy foods you enjoy when you are hungry and until you are full. We want you to listen to your body and nourish it appropriately to meet your goals.

We are all different so there is no one-size-fits-all plan we can pass out and make sure you check all of the boxes for success.

There are things that will work and things that won’t.  And that’s part of the process for each and every client.

This process of learning and experimenting can be a fun process with the right mindset. You may realize how much you really can do given small, actionable changes.

Are YOU ready to start learning new things? Reach out…let’s chat!!!

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