Go Green!

🚦🚥Traffic Light Eating🚥🚦

There are a couple different ways to look at the traffic light eating concept. This is the version that makes the most sense to me and is the way I coach the concept with clients.

As you may guess…

  • green light means ‘go for it
  • yellow light means ‘proceed with caution’
  • red light means ‘stop, rethink’

Yes food and drink both fall into the various categories, but so do situations, tasks, behaviors and even people. 

Identify the green scenarios that help you grow and thrive!

✅ Green Light

  • Foods that are grown, not processed
  • High in nutrients, little to no fat
  • Can be eaten with every meal
  • Foods, behaviors and people that make you feel good and get you moving

⚠️ Yellow Light

  • Foods that are minimally processed
  • Not as high in nutrients, a little more fat/salt/calories
  • Can be enjoyed in moderation
  • Foods, behaviors and people that may cause problems if you indulge too much

🚫 Red Light

  • Processed foods
  • Little to no nutrients
  • High in fat/salt/calories
  • Enjoy every now and then
  • Foods, behaviors and people that cause you to be sick or to overeat

As you think about the definitions above, what foods that fall into each category for YOU???

When you begin to move toward a healthier lifestyle, think about ways to move red, and even some yellow, lights toward green more often. ✅✅✅

Want help going green?!?! Reach out…let’s chat. 

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