Yesterday I shared a sample client diary to show what outcomes look like with consistent actions taken by a client. It won’t be the magic pill, get it done in thirty days kind of progress many clients want.

It is a slow and steady set of behavior changes that allow you to learn how to fit them into your life without drastic changes or restrictions.

Today I want to focus on another aspect of this change that was only slightly mentioned in my comments.

Feeling better.  For me, this is the most important part of our coaching programs.

I want every client to wake up and feel good. To know that they can tackle what’s ahead of them for that day.

To feel good throughout the day. To be the best employee or business owner that they can be.

To feel good in the evening. To be the best spouse/parent/sibling/friend that they can be.

To feel good when they go to bed. To sleep well and to be ready for the next day.

Coach Ryan mentioned in our lunch & learn the other day that many clients try to disassociate fitness/nutrition from the other aspects of their life. That when things get busy, those activities tend to take a backseat to the other life events.

When you take a few minutes to think about it…does that make sense to you?

When you are physically active and well-nourished you are much more capable of handling life as it comes flying at you. You can build the resiliency needed to handle the stressors in life.

As you start to focus energy on more movement and better food choices you build momentum.

The fog starts to clear a little easier and a little faster.

You’re better able to make decisions that move you in the right direction.

You start to sleep better because you aren’t eating unhealthy choices right before bed that may upset your stomach or keep you awake.

You are eating foods that keep you satiated longer so the snacking starts to fade away.

You find that brisk walk at work can reduce stress and give you a burst of energy to get through the afternoon.

Everyone has different schedules, goals, values, priorities, etc.

But doesn’t everyone want to feel good???

Small actions starting today can get you on to the road of feeling better. And once you start to feel better…you may just want to stay there!!!

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