I’ve always been an organized, systemic person. That’s just the way my brain works. I find myself anxious when things aren’t organized.

I never really thought about what this was until it was described to me in my coaching course.

Today I revisit our lesson on the 3 Ss: Structure, Systems and Scheduling?


  • Structure – those things we have around us to ensure we get things done.
  • Systems – those are the processes and practices we have in place to get things done.
  • Schedules – the time we have set to make sure we get things done.

As you read this I am headed out for my annual girl’s trip in the sun, sand and warm weather. This year we have 29 people on our cruise!!!

I am leveraging the structure, systems and schedules I have in place to get ready for my trip and to keep my work moving while I’m gone.

I kept my schedule open earlier this week to get all client interactions taken care of prior to leaving as well as writing my content and scheduling it for publishing. The structure and systems I have in place make this so much easier and stress-free.

I am able to leave today knowing everything is in a good place while I’m gone so I can disconnect (literally I will be off the grid for 4 days!) and enjoy myself.

For the last year I have been taking our coaching program as a client myself. I believe that we all have things to learn and areas to develop. I’m still getting used to the idea of living as a ‘fit’ person.

As your mindset shifts to that of a ‘fit’ person, your vacation plans may be slightly altered to accommodate your new habits. (Or if you prefer, go all out for vacation and get back at it when you return!)

I find it better for me to adjust what I do on vacation and not go toward complete indulgence. I want to feel good and energized throughout the trip. If I don’t eat and drink with some restraint I won’t feel my best.

I look forward to this trip every year and want to enjoy every minute of it. I can do that if I don’t overindulge. That’s what works for me.

I will keep some of my same habits on vacation as I do when I’m out and about at home. Alternating alcoholic drinks with water. Making sure I get proteins and veggies in as a priority.

My options won’t be the best on a cruise, but I can manage my intake and enjoy those things I don’t have on a daily basis at home.

When I get back I have my schedule set to get caught up on client check ins, my certification lessons/habits and anything else that came in while I was gone.

Stepping away from my day-to-day is part of my ‘have fun’ habit and allows me time to refresh and relax.

Next week I’ll be ready to dive right back into where I left off with more energy and excitement as we head into the holidays.

The lesson on the 3 Ss that may seem daunting for some of you. How do I put all of this into place to be successful with my goals?

The answer: one small step at time. Think about what’s around you. How can you make one small change to set you up for success???

Let me know how I can help you with your structure, systems and schedules.

Coach Jen

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