I am getting back on track after my annual girls’ trip and Thanksgiving holiday. I caught a bit of a cold so it’s been slower than expected.

I’ve taken this extra time to reflect on what I accomplished in 2017 and to begin thinking about 2018 goals.

Growth and personal development have always been two things that are very important to me. If I am not learning, I am not living. I like the challenge of something new and figuring out if and where it fits in my life.

One of the major reasons I left my corporate position was because of the lack of growth opportunities. I vowed to change that as I created this next opportunity.

As a coach, I’ve spent much of this working on my Level 2 certification with Precision Nutrition. The program has provided a deeper dive into how I can become a super coach with hands on case studies and lessons that keep me thinking every day.

Working with our clients through challenges or their own personal action plans has also provided great learning opportunities.

I love what I get to do and look forward to learning more as we head into 2018 and I wrap-up this certification in April. I have other learning opportunities in mind, but plan to take a break before jumping right into something.

As a client, I have seen even more growth…that wasn’t necessarily planned back in 2016.

I found my inner athlete.

Growing up I didn’t participate in sports. I tried softball one season and ran track one Spring, but it didn’t really grab my attention.

As I got older, again I would participate in things here and there. Racketball was one of college courses!

And as an adult I jumped on the cycle of being active/watching my food/losing weight…and then some life event derailed me. I had to begin all over again the next time I was ready.

When I started at Peak in August of 2015 I began a different cycle…that ended up being a lifestyle change instead.

I started to learn how to make small changes that helped me eat better every day while still enjoying my favorites. The idea of never eating pizza again was a non-starter!

I learned more about what made-up a healthy meal and now picture that as I plan my food choices. It became a new habit for me.

The things I learned to do in the gym weren’t on the radar when I started at Peak. I just knew I had to try something that would help with my chronic back pain.

Learning to lift heavier weights and strengthening my core has done wonders for me. We can golf 18 holes without any trouble! The longer drives help my game as well.

I find myself working toward that next level at the gym whether it be more reps, heavier weight, etc.

But my biggest accomplishment from a personal perspective was the completion of the Queen Bee Half Marathon in October.

I NEVER knew that would be a goal, but I was feeling good in running group earlier this year and we joked about training to see if we could do it.  I could do it.

It’s been interesting since that race the let down. I grew to enjoy the process of training and working toward a goal. I did something greater than I thought I could do.

I leveraged my gym training and nutrition experiments to not only prepare, but to excel for my first half marathon. Mindset prep was also a key component…especially as I hit mile 12 and my knees wanted to call it a day.

So what’s up for 2018? That’s yet to be determined, but now that I’ve untapped my inner athlete…options are wide open.

Peak coaching programs are a big part of my success. That’s why I want to now pay that forward by helping clients work toward their goals.

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