Do you walk the walk?

Growing up this was a lesson my dad practiced and taught us very early on.

He worked hard and expected the same from those who worked for him…and from us.

Dad always told us…’If you say your going to do something, then do it.’

When we would visit him at work, we would see how his people loved working with him.

My work ethic was groomed from these early lessons.

In the corporate world, I worked very hard. I had promotions earlier than others and was asked to lead the largest projects when help was needed.

I was proud to walk the walk. It built trust with those around me and led to a reputation of someone who could get the job done, and done well.

If I wanted to walk the walk as a nutrition coach I had to learn new things. I had to work hard.

I needed new and different material to help me identify as a nutrition coach.

A lot carried over from what I did before. Organizing, planning, problem solving, coaching, etc.

But there was a lot I had to learn as well.

I completed two certifications and read many books this last year. I am now about 2/3 of the way through my Level 2 certification that will continue to build my knowledge base.

I want to walk this new walk so that I can be the best coach I can be.

When you think about your values, your identity and your goals…do your behaviors align with what you want to be?

Do you walk your walk?

Do your daily actions:

….align with your highest values?

….help build the identity you want for yourself?

….lead you toward the goals you have set?

We are all different. The specific values, identities and goals are unique to you and what you want.

The exercises and effort to align our actions is similar. Take small steps and work toward what you truly want for yourself.

If you want to be a fit and healthy person, consider the following ideas.

Place higher value on:

  • activities that promote a healthy lifestyle: go hiking, ride a bike or jump in a lake.
  • food choices that are healthy and energize you rather than fast and easy processed foods.
  • a growth mindset that will allow you to learn and to experiment with new behaviors.

Choose an identity that you are comfortable with now. Grow into that identity with small changes and adapt it as you go and as you learn more about yourself.

Set goals. Break down longer term goals into smaller actions. Do the action and build momentum.

Walk your walk…and let us know how we can help be a partner along the way.


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