We are getting close to wrapping up 2017 and starting another new year. Time goes by so quickly that we sometimes forget to stop and think about our accomplishments and what we’ve overcome each year.

It’s so much easier to focus on what we didn’t do or what went wrong, that we skip over all of the good stuff. Take some time to think about that for yourself.

As a part of my certification lessons I have been doing some reflection on my first year of coaching as well as preparing for year two and what I plan to do to further develop my skills.

One of my concerns as a new coach this year was how can I relate to all of my clients and the challenges that they face.

I haven’t…

…been on many different diets.

…been put on medications because of my health.

…been extremely overweight.

…been an emotional eater.

But  I have…

…been stressed out because of work.

…been running on a few hours of sleep.

…been unhappy with how I felt on a daily basis.

…been faced with chronic back pain.

I believe the solution to tackling these problems is the same and that’s how I can relate. Small actions every day can help move you through these challenges and on to happy, healthier adventures.

Is it easy? No. Does it take time? Yes.

When I first walked in to meet Coach Ryan, I had to hobble in because my back was out. I couldn’t golf 9 holes without it acting up. And vacuuming was the worst!

After several months of better food choices and strengthening my core, my back started to feel strong again. I can golf 18 holes without trouble…and use the vacuum again.

Building a relationship between client and coach is key to a strong partnership. The client is the expert on themselves and brings all that experience to the relationship. The coach helps clear the clutter and focus on solutions that make sense for that client’s needs.

That’s what Coach Ryan did for me. Now I am doing this for others.

In my corporate life, I was a change agent and helped facilitate the changes to keep the company moving forward and associates engaged in the process.

I now get to use these skills along with my new coaching skills at a much more personal level to help clients make the changes that they want in their lives so that they feel better.

You don’t have to overhaul your life all at once. That’s overwhelming and often counter-productive. Once you’ve committed to making a change, we start with small changes that make sense given where you are today and work from there.

As you head into 2018 and look for something new to do for yourself…consider partnering with us as your coaching team.

Amazing things can happen when you begin taking action!

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