Happy New Year!

My last email fo the year is a reflection of all that I’ve learned this year as a health and wellness coach.

We are all different.

Our values, priorities and goals align with our individual lives. 

Our actions and schedules define what we do each day. 

Learning to become aware of misalignment with these two is the first step to living our best life.

When things are busy and complicated it feels like we can’t make change. What I’ve learned the last two years…we can do anything with planning and small actions.

You Can…

…find time for yourself in a busy schedule.

…eat more veggies.

…learn to manage stress better.

…do activities you enjoy to feel better.

…drink more water each day.

…wake up in the morning feeling rested.

…eat more lean protein.

…make the change YOU need to move forward.

It starts with a daily 5-minute action to begin building cadence and momentum.

As you begin to see progress, momentum continues to build and can take you to places you’ve never been.

That’s when it becomes exciting. Learning new activities that you enjoying doing with family and friends.

New goals at the gym or when you’re running.

As you head into 2018 think about a mindset shift…’I can’.  Allow yourself to learn and to try new things. Develop a strategy that’s different from what you’ve tried in the pas.

Reach out and setup time to meet with us so we can put YOUR game plan together.

Great things can happen in 2018. Let’s get started!!!


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