Over Christmas I spent time in Columbus with my family. We don’t exchange gifts as adults, but take care of the kids (my nieces and nephews). No one really ‘needs’ anything. It’s more of a giving of ‘wants’.

My dad joked a bit about that idea of do you really need it or want it? And as we went on through the day that came up a couple of times.

I also came across this article on Facebook. Article Link  It had me thinking about what I have at my disposal that I should use before buying about something new.

What I did to begin my 2018 with minimal purchases is prioritize my books. I have a personal reading list and a coaching reading list this year. Both have over a dozen books I have right here with me.

My goal: tackle these books before I buy anything new. Without the the awareness and conscious though process about what I have here…I probably would keep adding to my growing list instead of enjoying what I have here.

I’ve never been the person who buys things for the sake of buying. I like to enjoy what I purchase. Since leaving the corporate world my clothes, shoes and purse needs have dramatically changed. And definitely to the positive from a cost perspective!

I donated many of those items so that others could benefit from my suits and shoes.

Often times we think we need something that really is a want. We prioritize that want over the things we may really need in our lives.

As we meet with new clients we’ll hear that they don’t have time or money to focus on their own health.

Yet they are on their new iPhone browsing social media while drinking a $5 coffee. Priorities are out of whack and the way of the world these days doesn’t help us align very well.

Ryan’s been sharing information on our goal setting seminar coming up next weekend.

Join us by registering here: Goal Setting Seminar

As you work on your goals are you considering your needs and wants…your priorities? Have you been talking about losing weight, getting more sleep, reducing your stress, etc. for awhile now? How many years?

My purpose as a health coach is to help people on their road to feeling better and living their best lives.

But I can’t do that for them. They have to prioritize their health pretty high up on the list to carve out the time and the resources to get it done.

As you set your plans for 2018…what are you spending your time doing? What are you spending your money on? How do you feel each morning when you wake up? Do you have the energy you need to tackle your day?

When you’re ready to put that plan in place, please reach out and setup a time to meet. We’ll work to get your actions set to meet those goals so that you are ready to make 2018 your best year yet!

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