We live in a world surrounded by ways to fill our need for instant gratification.

  • Netflix…a full season of shows delivered to your TV.
  • Fast-food…available on every corner.
  • Smart phones…social media and games at your fingertips.
  • Amazon…same day deliver right to your door.

However, there are also many good things in life are longer term and result in delayed gratification.

So which brings you more happiness…instant or delayed???

A couple great opportunities last year helped me realize that delayed gratification is worth the wait…IF you understand that there is a process to get there and enjoy that process.

As you set goals you identify actions that need to be taken to get that  goal accomplished. Each day you work on tasks associated with those actions until that one can be checked off the list.

That is a process for reaching that goal. Learning to enjoy that part of it will help you throughout the entire process so you get to that delayed gratification. Will it be easy…maybe not the entire time, but you can learn from the times when it isn’t easy.

Last year I began training for the half marathon in October. Each week we would increase our miles and work on our endurance. That’s part of the training process.

I experimented with my nutrition so I could focus on fueling my longer runs and recover from those runs. That’s part of the process.

Some days I felt great and ready to run longer distances. Other days I struggled to hit my pace. That’s part of the process.

What I found…I enjoyed the process. To run more miles comfortably. To feel good while I was running the longer distances. And to have a great support group around me.

When it came time to run the race…I enjoyed that as well because of the training process I just completed. Even during the race I learned things that I can carry over to the next training process.

This thought process paralleled my work with our year-long coaching program. If you look at fitness and nutrition as a part of your lifestyle…it never really ends. There is always work that you can do (or sometimes that you have to do) to keep yourself where you are going or where you want to be.

What happens when you hit your target weight? You move into a maintenance mode…which for some may even be more difficult.

You’re still learning how to navigate food and exercise so you keep yourself at that target weight.

Challenges show up AT ANY TIME so learning how to be best prepared is a long term habit that you’ll never escape from.

I am in maintenance mode right now. And in looking back at 2017…I weighed exactly the same on January 1st as I did December 31st. I had fluctuations in both directions throughout the year, but overall I found the combination that worked for me to hold steady.

I had more carbs and fat while in training. I cut back when I stopped training. I enjoyed the things I love…pizza especially…throughout the year. I CHOSE those things when it worked best for what I was trying to accomplish.

As you are thinking about what you want to do this year…embrace the process. Figure out the tasks and actions that work for you that are helping to move you forward. Plan for unexpected as best you can. Setup your environment so that you have what you need…even when your short on time. Find the support team that can help keep you going even when you don’t feel motivated to do so.

If you’re ready to get started and start mapping out your actions…let me know and we can schedule time to chat. We can figure out the things to add to your plan that will help you enjoy the process!

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