What a great week here at Peak!!!

Rolled out the new Eniva products, began InBody assessments and started the first challenge of the year.

Our goal…for all clients to have THEIR best year yet!!!

Today I want to share a client story. This is a great example of a little bit better every day despite the situation.

This client joined Peak back in October after seeing our Lean for Halloween ad. The goal was to get moving again and to feel better.

The first class was a tough one, but he came back for the second one. And slowly but surely the trainers could see progress. And then he could see progress.

He also started to give some attention to his food choices and to figure out how he can make some adjustments with his portions.

Small changes were making an impact on his daily life.

Then during class one day, he moved and something wasn’t quite right.

He spent a couple of weeks resting so he could get back into the gym, but it still wasn’t comfortable so he went to the doctor.

After a couple of meetings, the plan was more rest and some meds to see if it heals. Frustrating to say the least.

We met to talk about dialing up the nutrition, but he was anxious to get back in.

Instead of just shutting it down, he came in to talk with Ryan and to see what options they could work into his healing process. They now have a plan.

Is it going to get him back into the group sessions 100% right away…no. It will however keep him moving as he is healing. And eventually he will be back and ready to roll!

There are options…and many more than we can think of on our own. With our regular check ins, I stayed on top of his situation to help guide him to other options for consideration.

It isn’t all or nothing. Most of the time there will be things you can do to keep moving yourself forward. We are here to help with that.

Asking for help or modifications can be intimidating. But that is the benefit of your Peak membership. We can work together to find what’s right for you right now. And then that will change, and we’ll make new adjustments.

This process is never fixed…and never will be. It is a process that will require attention for the long haul. Sometimes the attention is lowered and sometimes it is raised.

We have a ton of great options to help you feel your best this year. Please reach out when you are ready to get going and we’ll setup time to meet.

Enjoy the warmer temps this weekend!!!

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