As we launched the Eniva products over the last few weeks, I’ve heard a few comments about people being surprised that we would do this. It’s never been a part of the offering in the past. Why is it now being offered?

Here is my take on this as a health/nutrition coach.

Our goal is to help clients feel and look their best. That requires open communication between coach and client to set goals and to set the actions that align with those goals.

Coach Ryan and Coach Ben need to know if something is causing you problems so that you can work together to find alternatives. They can’t do that without your voice.

On Wednesday my lower back was stiff so I worked with Ben and altered my exercises. I kept going, just doing something slightly different.

On the nutrition side of coaching, there are a lot of variables that come into play to find that best combination of what works for each client.

We talk through our top 10 habits as our guiding principles. If clients are consistent with these habits 75-80% of the time…they will see changes.

One of the first things we do is have the client complete a food journal for several days so that we can see an assortment of meals the eat throughout a given week.

  • Are meals comprised of lean protein, veggies & fruits, smart carbs and healthy fats?
  • Are they eating 3-4 meals throughout the day? Are they snacking in between?
  • What are they drinking throughout the day? How much of their beverage intake is water?
  • How much sleep are they getting? How much harmful stress are they faced with each day?

A journal can shed light on the opportunities facing each client.

They cannot all be addressed at once. Start small with one action and build from there.

People are busy with hectic schedules and a lot of challenges so finding time for health and wellness tends to get pushed to lower on the list.

That’s where the Eniva products come into play. They are supplemental to meals comprised of whole foods and water.

If you kept a food journal for a week…how would you answer these questions?

  • Do you have enough protein in your diet?
  • Do you have enough veggies and fruits in your diet?
  • Do you choose smart carbs and healthy fats?
  • Do you drink enough water every day?

If you are not getting these key things every day, then trying the Eniva products to supplement your diet may help you feel better.

Coach Ryan spoke about the five key variables that these products were brought in to help with:

  1. fiber
  2. protein
  3. vitamins & minerals
  4. healthy fats
  5. hydration

Ideally a client is working to build the healthy habits into their lifestyle so that the use of some of the products is temporary. Others who may never learn to eat their veggies…may benefit longer term from using these products.

It will be different from each of us. I started the products the day after Christmas. And even for someone who does choose to eat healthy most of the time, I could tell a difference with the VIBE. More focus and energy.

One of the things I chose not to continue was the probiotics. I don’t have a lot of gut trouble (unless I eat past 80% full) so it was actually making me feel worse instead of better. So I stopped.

The fish oil was an item I had on my list for two years…since one of the first challenges I did at PeakFAST. While I get some in my diet…I know I’m deficient in that area.

As many of you know, I am currently working on my Level 2 certification with Precision Nutrition. We’ve spent these last two weeks diving into supplements. There is a time and place for them for many clients. A very timely place for this part of the curriculum!

Offering these products is our way of providing additional services with a quality product that will help keep you moving forward and feeling better.

If you wake up every day feeling awesome and ready to tackle your day…then you may be set with your nutrition goals. If not…maybe we should talk. Reply back and we’ll setup time to talk.

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