Can you believe it’s the first of February already?!?! We are now a month in to the year. Where do you stand with the goals or resolutions you set for yourself?

If you are on track and moving forward…high five! Keep it going.

If you are not…what’s holding you back?

I read an interesting statement the other day:

I know how to diet, but I don’t know how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diets tend to be prescriptive. Do this action. Eat this food. Don’t eat that food. It tells you what to do to be successful with that diet.

Diets do work for some people, but not everyone. And for how long they work is another story.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a long term approach. There are advantages to this if you allow it the time needed to develop. It requires patience and experimentation.

Society pushes those quick fixes…let’s get this done in 10 days…30 days…etc.

Learning how to make small changes EVERY day to move you forward is a much different approach that also requires a different mindset.

Slow and steady wins the game. Working every day to do one thing that will move you forward.

And when there are days where you aren’t moving forward…you learn to wipe the slate clean and get back to it the next day.

Our most successful clients adopted that long term mindset. Some didn’t like it at first and fought it. But eventually realized that this is for the long term.

The actions began to fall into place for their lifestyle so that they could live the healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the things are important to them.

Even when you get to that target weight…there is work to be done to maintain it.

Drinking more water and eating more protein aren’t difficult to understand. Putting them into your daily actions is where it becomes more challenging. Finding the best way to be accountable for your new actions is where people get tripped up.

The clients who touch base regularly tend to get into the groove and to see the consistency building with the healthier habits.

Find that accountability person to help you out. Tell them the action you are working on and ask them to be your support.

We are here to be that person as well. I have a number of clients setup on a regular schedule so that they can start to see the changes and the consistency building.

We are also going to have team challenges throughout the year to put focus on the healthier habits we are always talking about. Join us and begin your changes with some friendly competition.

My goal is to help you feel your best each and every day. Let’s start small and get things in motion. You can learn to live a healthy lifestyle so you don’t ever have to diet again.

Reach out so we can start February moving you forward.

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