I love to share client story’s for a number of reasons.

–We can celebrate the progress made and the lessons learned with that client. They worked hard to get to this point so we want to celebrate the victories and to share that experience with others.

–We can learn from that real-world experience about the changes that are needed for long term, healthy lifestyle. It’s taking the knowledge learned and putting it into actions so others can see how it can be done.

–We can inspire others to take action in their own life so that they can create their story to inspire even more people. We need each other to be successful with these changes.

Mary’s story has been one referenced a number of times since I’ve been at Peak. And I get to workout with her at our 7:30am class.  🙂

She started her journey in August of 2013 and started with Peak in January 2015.

All total she has lost about 120 pounds to date. But, more important is the way she’s been able to move to maintenance mode when she was faced with challenges.

She has had both knees replaced and another devastating knee injury over the last two years. While Mary is still in recovery right now…another surgery is on the horizon.

She still shows up for class and does what she can regardless of the challenges with her knee.

She has learned how to dial up her nutritional habits so that when she is limited physically…she can keep that maintenance mindset in focus.

Learning how to maintain is a key to long term success. We never really end this lifestyle…we maintain it. She is well on her way to nailing this one!

Here is a note from Mary:

Weight loss is so hard but so worth it. While the numbers on the scale don’t reflect much progress there has been tons. I started PeakFAST wearing a size 28 (probably should have been in a 30 because 28’s were tight), now I wear an 18/20. My dietary habits have taken me to a place where fast food makes me feel ill. I crave broccoli and Brussel sprouts. I used to count points and literally could not imagine being able to lose weight/inches without doing that. The principals I have been taught here will last my lifetime. I can, if I choose too, go into any food situation and be successful. I have become freakin strong along the way, physically and mentally. Ive gone off of all blood pressure medications and my blood work is perfect!  Thankfully I never made it to diabetic. I’ve inspired family members to make changes. That’s the biggest thing I’m proud of, to actually inspire someone to take action to improve their health.

Mary’s story is the reason that I do what I do. I want to help coach others through this process so that they find the success that they are looking for.

Definition of perseverance:

-steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

That’s Mary’s story summed up in one word: perseverance.

Are you ready to get started on your journey? Let me know.

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