48 days until Opening Day!

I was excited to purchase our tickets for that day this morning.  For the 20-game package, Opening Day has to be purchased separately and we don’t get our normal seats. Luckily I got in right away and was able to buy seats that are the best we’ve had for an Opening Day. Fun!

For the past seven years we have had a 20-game pack. And this morning I got thinking about how this has evolved for us over time.

Much like we coach our clients to make small changes over time…that’s what’s happened for us and the games we attend throughout the summer. I didn’t realize how much has changed until this morning when I took a few minutes to reflect back on that progress.

Early on, we would park at my work (before Peak) and walk over to the ballpark. We would find something to eat for dinner and have a couple of beers.

It’s only 20 days out of the year so it doesn’t have a huge impact overall.

But as other areas of life started to change…so did our plans for attending the games.

I was no longer working downtown so we started parking in Covington and would walk over to the game. Most summer nights are enjoyable and it gave us the opportunity for more walking along the river and the suspension bridge. It is my favorite city landmark!

Unless we are super pressed for time, we rarely eat at the ballpark anymore. We make dinner at home or heat up something from the day before. Better food choices at home and saves us some money.

We’ve also brought our own food in as well. It’s helpful to have this option when you are strapped for time, but want to eat something other than ballpark food. It just takes some planning.

Enjoying a beer while watching the game still happens, but much less frequently. My red water bottle goes with me and I keep it filled with water from the fountain. Again saving some money and getting more water in for the day.

I love being at the ballpark and watching the game. It’s quality time with my other half, and we both have fun.

Now we can do that while keeping me moving toward my goals. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything because we do eat and drink there from time to time. They don’t have the healthiest options, and I don’t feel that great when I do eat there so I minimize that now.

In addition to our walk over, we will circle the ballpark inside and watch the game from other vantage points during the game. The last couple years have been tough for the Reds so the crowds allow for us getting around pretty easily. Hoping that changes here real soon!

You can still enjoy the things you love doing and work toward your goals. We didn’t make these changes in one season, but over several seasons.

I know I can go enjoy a game and be happy if we’ve eaten at home or if we are eating at the ballpark that night.

A little bit better every day…or in this case…every season. Go Reds!!!

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