Change is hard. And it is also inevitable.

Things change. Some people fight it every step of the way. While others embrace the change and figure out what that means for them and how to make it the best for them.

I experienced this many times during my corporate career. We relocated several companies to the Cincinnati home office to reduce expenses and to leverage processes and resources.

Many lives were impacted by these relocations. For those relocating it meant a new city, a new house, new schools, etc. For those not relocating it meant a new job. How you react to either situation could be a positive one or a negative one. That depends on you.

Change is hard. And choosing to create change for yourself can be scary as well. Not knowing what will happen as you go through this change process brings in all kinds of emotions, fears, stressors, etc.

For what we do here at Peak…exercise and nutrition habits are some of the more challenging changes people can choose to make. Our own personal health gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.

But these changes can also be some of the most rewarding with long term effects that can last a life time.

Learning to change the way you move and the way you eat is stressful. Habits have been built over the years and aren’t easy to change. It takes a long term mindset and a commitment to yourself to stick to the plan for the long haul.

You’ll see positive results as you become more consistent with your actions.

You’ll have setbacks for a number of reasons. But if you learn to wipe the slate and get back to it…you’ll continue to build the consistency needed for results.

These actions don’t have to be monumental changes on day 1 or even on day 100. Small steps each and every day works. Consistency not perfection.

Take a look at our team water challenge. We had 39 clients who said ‘yes I’ll drink 100 ounces of water every day for two weeks.’ One small change to drink more water. For some, they never thought they could hit that amount. But with a little focus…they surprised themselves.

Some of the changes noticed in just a week…fewer headaches, sleeping better, smoother skin, less snacking, cravings for other beverages reduced, etc.

Making the decision to do SOMETHING is important for YOUR progress. Commit to what you want and find a way to do the actions needed to get you here.

Coach Ryan and I were debriefing on client updates this morning.  As a coach it is frustrating to learn that a client has given up on their goals. We cannot do the needed actions for them. We can only educate, guide and motivate them to take the actions to reach their goals.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another story about someone who owns her goals and is doing whatever it takes to get to there.

Today is focused on those of you who have chosen to not move forward. You can make the changes you want to make. You’ve done amazing things in your life that were also hard.

  • Did you go to college and earn a degree?
  • Did you get your dream job by working a ton of crappy ones to gain experience?
  • Did you get married and start a family?
  • Did you buy a home for your family?
  • Did you start your own business?

These things didn’t happen overnight. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Small steps each and every day will help you build the healthy habits you need to be successful for the long term. When you have a tough day, you learn to get back to it the next day…and not throw in the towel for one bad day.

We are a coaching team that wants you to be successful. We provide many things with your membership to get you started and to keep you going. There is a base of great people who support one another and provide the competitive spirit for success within the PeakFAST community.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and give this change a try. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Coach Jen

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