Many factors play into the equation for fat loss.

  • Exercise/activity
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Mindset
  • And so on…

Today my focus is on mindset: setting yourself up for the long term and learning how to keep pushing forward despite challenges.

Back in August I met a lady who walked in with a huge smile on her face and the best personality. As she shared her background with me she kept saying ‘I’m ready to do this’.

She had been to the gym before, but was getting started again. So we started small. Focus was on regular attendance at the gym.

We set weekly check ins via text to keep our dialogue open and accountability for her actions moving forward.

More water was an area she noticed and wanted to begin adding this to her routine.

Workouts were becoming consistent so now it was time to start thinking about food. As a working mom with a busy schedule, meal prep was the next logical step. So she made time to do this over the weekend to help her throughout the week.

She stayed consistent with the gym and found benefit in the meal planning. She started building consistency with meals during the week.

Travel is a part of her job so learning how to adapt her schedule to continue to get the activity in and making smart food choices while on the road was another area of focus.

She was building consistency at home, but because of the amount of travel…she also had to learn how to do this on the road.

Was everything perfect? No, but there were things she tried and revised to make it work for herself.

Holidays and family in town provided new opportunities to figure out how to make healthier choices while still enjoying the time with family and friends.

One of the observations she made was that gluten was bothering her. So what did she do? She tried going gluten-free to see what that would do. It was a positive experiment so she continues today to eat gluten-free and feels much better.

In six months she is 20+ pounds down, in smaller clothes and feeling much better on a daily basis. Why?

She had her mind set that it was time for to make changes in her life and she took action. Some weeks the actions were smaller than others, but there were actions taken.

She experimented with different activities, foods, etc. to figure out what worked for her life both here at home and while she is on the road.

Some check ins weren’t as productive as she wanted, but she knew what her plan was to get back on track and she executed it the next week. She never let herself spiral out of control when things were ideal.

She continues to be consistent with workouts, water, meal prep and is now working on her veggie intake.

There is always an area where we can improve. Figuring out that smallest change is so important to make it easy to do and to get those wins early.

That first day she came in she said she was ready. Her actions have shown that to be true about six months later.

Her results are because of the daily, consistent actions she’s taken to improve her fitness and nutrition habits. And she still brings that big smile to the gym every time!

When you decide you are now ready to get started…please reach out and we’ll get your action plan started.

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