Earlier this week I was reading an article about how bad habits can creep into a corporate environment so slowly that the change taking place is hard to notice unless there is an intended way to monitor changes.

This had me thinking about what might be creeping into our daily schedules that is keeping us from moving forward or making more progress.

Without a deliberate, regular review of our schedule…we may be allowing things to creep in and take our time.

I like to help people and be available if needed. I have to be careful of overcommitting myself. That isn’t helpful for me or anyone else.

Just like we need to regularly review our goals to keep on track, we also need to look at our structures, systems and schedules to make sure that they are aligned to keep us moving toward our goals

To recap:

  • Structure – those things we have around us to ensure we get things done.
  • Systems – those are the processes and practices we have in place to get things done.
  • Schedules – the time we have set to make sure we get things done.

The focus today is on our schedules. Where do we spend our time on a daily basis?

Are the activities and tasks included in our schedule aligned with our values? Our goals?

What things are taking time away from them? What can you do to minimize or even remove those things?

Can you change things up so that your daily routine is more conducive to getting things done?

A lot of questions to consider as you review your calendar. Like other habits that we talk about…awareness is key to the change process. If we don’t know where we are today…we can’t make the changes we need to be successful.

I use my calendar to set periodic reminders to review different things both for work and for home. Simple little things like change the furnace filter. I don’t have to remember to do it, it pops up when it’s time.

As you start to develop a new habit a scheduled reminder is a great way to keep yourself accountable to that new task. Once you get consistent, maybe you remove it.

I’ve used a regular reminder for my daily water and shared that with my team as we just went through that first Clubhouse team challenge.

We are all different so try some different ways of using your schedule to help you get things done each day.

Let me know how I can help review your schedule and see what has crept in to take your time.

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