Some great basketball games yesterday to get the tournament started. Keeping that game mindset again today.

Another great lesson from Precision Nutrition (PN) is the Food Spectrum Game. This lesson provides a different, more positive way at looking at our daily food choices.

As we head into a holiday weekend, it’s another way to be aware of your choices. 🍀

Life is not always black and white, and often filled with a variety of grey…or this weekend…green

With crazy schedules and challenges that are thrown our way, planning all of our meals is not always an option.

When we can’t plan our meals, we can be tempted to make unhealthy food choices.

Learning how to play the Food Spectrum Game may help guide you toward better decisions.

With our coaching, we don’t look at foods as good or bad.

Think of foods on a spectrum from Better to Worse. 

An apple  ==>  apple sauce  ==>  apple pie  ==>  caramel covered apple with candy sprinkles

There are hundreds of other examples how unprocessed/real foods are transformed from Better to Worse in our daily lives.

Can you think of another example like this?

Check out the PN definitions to help clarify what we mean by Better and Worse. (see pic)

As you begin to look at your food choices…how can you move one snack/one meal/one day from Worse to Better?

Challenge yourself with this game one day to see how it goes. What did you change? What did you learn?

Figuring out where are food choices fit along the spectrum is part of the game.

Knowing WHY they are there is equally as important.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How is this food made?
  • What’s in it? (Or not in it?)
  • Do I know what all these ingredients are?
  • How does this food affect my body? How do I feel physically after eating it?
  • Does this food, fundamentally, nourish me? Does it add or subtract value?
  • What would this food choice need in order to be just a little healthier?
  • What’s the alternative to this food?
  • Is this the best available choice under the circumstances?
  • Do I find it easy or difficult to eat this food slowly, to 80% full?

Learning and understanding how the foods we eat impact our health provides us with better information so we can more informed decisions about our food choices as we progress along this journey.

Think of this as a part of a long-term process that you begin slowly and become consistent before moving on to another aspect of your nutrition.

The lessons we’ve learned and now teach in our coaching programs all relate and work together to provide us the guidelines to eat, live and move better in our lives.

People are all at different points along a path to better health. Providing clients with guidelines on how to eat allows us to help a variety of people with the same toolset.

The one-on-one coaching part of our programs allow us to help tailor the lessons and guidelines to meet clients where they are so that they can be successful.

As we share lessons, please think about them from your perspective now and where you would like to be.

Then break that down into smaller habits/tasks/goals so that you can work one 1-2 things at a time, become consistent with them and then move on.

We work with these lessons and habits every day and enjoy discussions with clients on how to adapt them for their lifestyle. Let us know how we can help get you started!

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