Yesterday I shared some ways to learn how to become more aware. More aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

Without this awareness it is difficult to figure out what’s next to keep moving forward toward the goals you have set for yourself. 

What’s next? Action. You must take action each and every day to build the momentum.

Every day, really? Yes. 

This is where we are different from other places or people you’ve worked with. We aren’t going to dictate a huge list of things you can and cannot do. You are the driver…we are the guides. 

The action is a small, manageable one that you are confident you can do. The goal is success and ultimately progress. That’s why the action is small to get things started. 

What does this look like?

It means many different things. All of our clients have different goals, schedules, priorities, limitations, interests, etc. 

  • Do a 5-minute action. Sounds ridiculously simple doesn’t it? Getting used to a different way of life takes time to change. One small action a day can help build the cadence for doing these new actions. 
  • Eat three to four meals a day without snacking.
  • Build a healthy meal with lean proteins, veggies, fruits, smart carbs and healthy fats.
  • Drink more water to reduce the number of calorie-filled drinks.
  • Develop a sleep ritual to improve sleep and to get more sleep. 
  • Find constructive ways to manage stress. 
  • Be more active outside of the gym. 

And many, many more options. These are the ones we use day in and day out because they are the ones that work for the long term.

Healthy actions lead to the outcomes that you are seeking. Asking clients to focus on these actions and behaviors instead of the outcomes is a challenge and very frustrating. We get that. 

Many people want to see the scale move. We want to see people get stronger, have more energy and eat better food. 

Our focus is the long term lifestyle change so it takes consistent action to get there within the constraints of our your life. That’s where we can help figure out what makes sense for you. 

There are tons of ways to move more each day if you’re willing to try new things. Same with meals. There are a number of ways to clean up eating habits if you’re willing to try new things. 

Are you ready to take action and try some new things? Maybe it will get you to a different end result. 

I heard this a lot in my corporate life and it’s applicable here to: 

What’s the definition of insanity? 

Doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result. 

You are the only that can become more aware of what and why you are doing what you do every day. You are also the only one that can take the action and get to that new result you are looking for.

Trust the process and you can build new, healthy actions that you can maintain going forward and break that cycle of insanity. 

Let’s get this started so you can practice these actions NOW!

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