With the warmer weather finally here, I can’t help but think about grilling and spending time outside soaking up some vitamin D.

Last week I mentioned the packets where you grill your protein and veggies together in foil.

Another fun way to put a healthy meal together is the kabob! They take a little more time to put together, but they are great on the grill. 

First choose a lean protein (or two for some added variety) and cube it to fit the skewer of your choosing. 

Using a marinade on the meat can help add flavor to your kabob and take them up a notch.

Don’t forget the veggies! You’ll want to use ones that match with the protein/marinade you’ve selected and ones that work well when you’re grilling. 

You can use the traditional stainless steel or bamboo skewers, but we bought a set similar to this one and have been using them ever since.


They hold more food and are easier to both clean and store.

Are you hungry yet?

Here are a couple of links that I found to be helpful and offer a variety of options to help you choose something for your family’s food preferences.




Experiment with different proteins and different veggies until you find the combo you love.

Happy grilling!

Want more ideas on putting together healthy meals? Let me know how I can help. 

PS: With Mother’s Day just around the corner…grill up some kabobs for your mom so she can enjoy the day!!!

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