It’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks that finally begins to taper off after this weekend. Still a lot to do, but more manageable on a daily basis. 

My choices led to this stretch of craziness. There were things I wanted to do that overlapped and would make me a little frantic as I worked through each of them.

They were my choices. Things that are important to me for continued growth and learning. 

I’ll get through it and be better for it. 

One of my biggest efforts right now is studying for the national board exam in June. Covering 10 books plus websites, research studies, e-learnings, etc. A lot of mental energy being spent reviewing the material in preparation. 

A hot topic today in my study group was the idea of choice. We all make choices every day…many, many times. Some are very specific choices given the days events while others are choices that are engrained in our minds because we’ve formed a habit. We don’t have to think about it any longer.

Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not. 

Are you aware of EVERY choice you make each day? 

Would you own every choice you make each day?

As a coach, part of our job is to help clients realize that they have choices and that they can make changes that will allow for better choices down the road. 

When a client says they are doing something because they choose to do it…it can be extremely powerful. 

I am going to be more active so that I can play with my grandchildren when they visit. 

Realizing our power of choice eliminates that victim mentality. 

I have to do…X…so I can’t do…Y. 

If we get the opportunity to work with a client and dive deeper into these scenarios, it’s very likely we can troubleshoot ways of getting through the obstacle so the client can move forward.

When people are busy and running around trying to get everything done, it can be difficult to see past the next thing on the to do list. 

It’s even a choice to make the time so you can take a breath and think about everything that’s going before you can begin to make the changes you want. 

As a coach, I am your ally here to help work through the craziness to bring clarity to your situation. You are the owner of you and the choices that you make. 

I’m here to help so you don’t have to go it alone. A strong support network makes a world of difference in the change process. 

When your ready to make a different choice so you can move forward with change…please let me know!!! 


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