As is typical for us in the midwest, we’ve gone from Winter to Summer weather with very little Spring in between. Summer temps have arrived and it’s a hot one out there. Some love the heat and some avoid it at all cost.

Maybe it’s a bit too hot to use the grill for a foil packet meal or kabobs. 

Another option to create a healthy meal is a stir-fry.

Like the other two options…you select a lean protein, load up a bunch of veggies and select a smart carb (typically rice, but others could be used) to put together your meal.

You’ll want to take note of sodium and fat when your selecting the sauce to use, but still fairly simple to put together. 

Traditionally…this meal takes on an Asian twist with ginger, soy and teriyaki based sauces.

But you can find other options as well that fit the needs of your family.

Here are some different options:

I recently came across a breakfast stir-fry option as well. Check out this recipe:

Here are a few links with a variety of stir-fry options:

In my last few Friday emails I’ve tried to provide some option to consider as you’re putting together nightly meals or meal planning for the week.

If you want more information on how to put together healthy meals, please reach out.  

Also, if you have nutrition challenges that you’d like to learn more about…please respond and share that information with me.

I can help!


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