The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word and behavior affects 
our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally 
but also physically and spiritually. 
Quote by Greg Anderson. 

I’ve been fully engaged in studying for the national board exam next month. The topics on the exam cover all aspects of health coaching from an initial meeting with a client, the coaching engagement, goals, priorities, chronic illnesses, self-awareness, self-efficacy, etc. 

The quote above really hits the mark for me.

What are the thoughts you tell yourself? Your thoughts about others?
What are the words you use to talk about yourself? What about those around you?
What are the behaviors you do every day to move yourself and those around you toward wellness?
Awareness, choice and responsibility are key to moving forward for greater health. 

What do you do each day that moves you toward wellness?

Do you…Eat healthy foods that nourish your body? Get up and move? Show gratitude? Reduce your stress or manage it well? Sleep 7-9 hours? Have fun and laugh?

This is a great starting point to figure out the game plan. Many areas of your life will be going well. Build from there and work on the other areas that need more focus. Use your strengths and past experiences in those areas to also bring them forward. 

What choices do you make each day that move you toward wellness?

One small change can have an impact on your entire day. 

​​You change your schedule so you can eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. That keeps you full until lunch so you avoid that mid-morning snack. Your healthy lunch you’ve packed keeps you going until dinner. A brisk walk that afternoon helps clear your head and reduce stress from the day. You’re feeling good as you head home to make dinner for the family. You’ve kept your blood sugar level so your snacking was eliminated. You enjoy a walk with the dog that evening as you prepare for your sleep ritual. 

Everything is connected. Your choices determine how solid your connections are for your wellness. 

It may not feel like you have a choice in many instances, but you do. This is where support from others can help you clear out some of the noise so the focus can be put on the action that’s needed. 

As a coach, I can’t take the action for you. That’s where you need to step up and say…I am responsible for my own wellbeing. I will begin taking actions to move me forward.

This is not to say the actions are life-altering, major steps on day 1. It may never have to be this dramatic to your life. In fact we encourage it to be small, incremental changes over time. A new way of living overall that’s happier and healthier for you. 

If you do happen to fall into the chronic conditions category then there may be more urgency for you, but it still can be managed so that it doesn’t totally unravel your life. 

I asked a lot of questions in this email. The goal is to get the thought process going or moving forward so you can start taking action. Action is where the change process can happen.

And the actions may be different than what you expect or think at first. Maybe you begin researching exercise/activities you can do so you find the ones you enjoy. When you enjoy doing something, you’re much more likely to continue to do the activity…especially when motivation is low. Eventually you get to doing the exercise or activity. Start small. 

When looking at the statistics for the chronic diseases that are out there, it reaffirms for me that I made a good choice by moving into this field. I want to help people facilitate changes in their lives so that they move toward wellness every day. 

How can I help you get started?

Coach Jen
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